110 people are moving to Austin every day—and they all need a place to live

An incredible tally of 110 new people moving to Austin every day—with no signs of slowing.  That’s 60 to 70 new households forming every day, and all of them need a place to live.  Bear in mind that Austin hasn’t yet realized all of the projected economic gains from the growth underway, like the new medical school.  
What does this mean for serious investors in Austin residential real estate?
First, you are positioned well. You’ve chosen an outstanding city and housing market. Austin has captured the nation’s imagination as the ‘go to’ place for young adults.  Demand for leases is strong, rental rates are rising, and the high cost of homes is keeping people in rental properties.  If you’ve chosen investments wisely, you’re in one of the sweetest spots in the country. 
Two, you can ride the wave. Expand your portfolio while the city is awash with opportunity, if you have the means.  Because you’re an experienced investor, you know what you’re looking for.  If you’re already a client of our company, we can get to work quickly on a strategic acquisition plan—then help you evaluate each individual property —as always, the financial pro formas viewed through an experienced Austin lens.  What are the best areas, best types of property, and optimal renter profile?  Those are among the questions we ask.
If you’re new to investing in Austin real estate, are you too late?  No, these are extraordinary times.  Yes, there are crazy, delusional sellers out there, so you must be careful not to drink their Kool-Aid.  But if you approach the market with a cool head and a professional at your side, you can prevail as an investor.
Ausitn is the fastest growing big city in the country. You can be a part of it or be trampled. 

Author: Monte Davis

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